Monday, June 11, 2018

Alvin Ballet

Such a Kind and Loyal friend 
My heart does 
Miss you
My Brother in Christ
My friend

Monday, June 4, 2018

Today .. I am Willing

I began a 21 Day Challenge
So Today
Day 1
I Am

Today I am Open to New Possibilities
Today I am Who God has said I am
Today I have no limits to the doors I can walk through
Today I am Healing every second, every minute, every hour of this Day
Today I am Free to Really be Me ..
Today I am Loved
Today I am Peaceful
Today I can Laugh
Today I am FREE to Share what is inside of me
I am
A Child of God
Lisa Fryar/LisaMe wife to Stacey Fryar Mr Man

06-07-2018  ..
I have a Radio Interview to talk about what has been going on in my Life
#Healing #Restoring #Exploring
All that God has called me to be .. I feel Ready .. to Explore every potential
That God has established in my life .. Knowing He has led me to each Path
Today I started the 21 Day Challenge with Stephen Munson .. through #Heal
It is not hard to express how I feel .. I feel alive with Potential
Today I know I am Enough .. God has created each part of me
He has given me strength during great weakness
He has give me courage in times of great trials
He has restored so much within me ..
If He says it is time to take it out and Share what He had done in me
Who am I ..I am who He says I am .. I am a Child of God
 Ready for all The Father has for me ..
I am .. Ready .. I have been Ready .. I have been prepared .. And am still being prepared 
I am excited with anticipation ... Knowing it is He who is within me  .. He spirit lives in me
Today .. I am .. Healed .. in my emotions .. in my body .. in my heart .. in my mind ..
Knowing God has Freed me from the thoughts that would make me blind
Today is a New Day .. Today .. is the first day of the Rest of My life
Today I will continue walking as a mother and a wife ..
Because Today I am Loved unconditionally .. And Give that Love back with no expectations
I have set my children FREE to be who they were Called to be ..
I raised them with Love and Compassion
They are Beautiful Talented Children whom I am so proud of ..
They Are .. Free to express themselves with the God given talents that they both possess 
I can feel proud as a Mother .. for giving Love Freely
Today I am willing .. for the new Possibilities that God has for me .. As a person
Not just as a mother or just as a wife or even just as a daughter .. or even as a woman
But Yes as a Person .. Gifted .. Talented .. Called .. with Passion and Love for others ..
I am Free to be what God has Called me to be
Today I will Walk out my calling ..
As unto the Lord ..
I feel His drawing .. His calling .. to Just be me ..
And to continue to allow Him to be the Me in me ..
To continue to write .. to create .. books .. and stories... for His Glory ..
I am ... to be me .. LisaMe!
Complete .. at Peace .. Whole .. Not forgotten .. Not delayed .. But Complete
Being fashioned .. with the Love of the Lord.. With all of the Love.. I have for others
The Father has that much more Love for me .. it has been stored within me ..
And it is time. .. for me to feel it completely .. it is time for me to feel all of His Love
So much so .. it Overwhelms my soul ... I am truly in my Father's Hands .. Ready to Go out into the World

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Gift of Family

My Mother's Day
 My mother has come such a long way since I was born 
.. This is me in her arms .. 
Back in the day ..
I am thinking  ~ 1961
This year we Celebrated her 80th birthday ..
 Many life Changes have happened this year 
.. my son .. moved to Switzerland .. with his beautiful wife .. Vanessa .. 
They expecting their first child ... and being so far away from home ..
My own mother gave birth to my two older sisters while living in Vena, Italy .. 
I have a better understanding how my grandmother felt
 .. missing holding those two little girls in her arms.. 
and when they returned home her name sake Bonnie my oldest sister did not know her .. 
I was born in Opelousas,  then we moved away .. 
but I always felt very close to my grandmother ..

Me and my Jamie ..
I  Always wanted to be a mother  
.. I must admit I never thought about being a grandmother 
.. But ..
What a Joy it is ..
 I love my little grands .. they are growing up so fast .. 

This weekend our oldest grand .. Jensen .. Graduated from High School
And Joined the Army
We are so Proud of Him
 .. I Inherited many grand from taking Mr. Man's hand in marriage .. in 2003 
Our Jensen was three .. then the others came .. while we were together ..
And then we have some .. from other mother's
.. But we still hold them in our hearts ... 

Let the Celebration's Began

My Daughter and her family invited us to Henry's guitar recital .. his sports banquet being the same night and almost at the same time .. they needed to be in two places at the same time .. Henry 13 ..
We were requested to come sit with Hannah .who is 9.. What an honored guest .. anytime I get to be with my little grands .. Oh to have them hold Gram-Me's hand .. Their love is held deeply in my heart ..
Followed by a Beautiful Dinner at Zeas in Lafayette ... My beautiful daughter so much like me
Although she won't admit it .. lol .. it is more than looks .. when I was her age I was much like her ..
Busy with so many things 
Sunday Morning .. I woke up to my protein coffee
And received a video Chat with my Jeremy and Vanessa
With their precious Amelia .. Oh how my heart melts .. I can't wait to hold her .. 
No Gift 
Can out Give 
The Gift of Family

Happy Mother's Day
To My Mother
Sisters and Sister in Law
Daughter, Step Daughter and Daughter in Law
And to All of my Sister Friends
LisaMe! and Mr. Man have begun a New Journey
We have places to go and people to see
To share the gift of Healing

... Interested ...
Just ask LisaMe!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Life is a Journey .. Not a race .. Travel at your own pace

Ever feel
You were different
Than everybody else ..
Not able to keep up the pace
.. Feeling like life is a race ...
Well I too have been there .. 
My Body Is beginning to heal ..
I praise God 
.. For leading me ..
 .. Keep your eyes on the Lord
Let Him 

.. lead Your race ..
And you will always
Be in the right Place ...
Love Your sister friend .. LisaMe!
My husband bought me a new 2018 370 Z
To Help me feel encouraged to get to the YMCA
I am so Thankful

What Journey are you on ... ?
Know that you are not alone ..
God is with you Always ..
Even on Days ..
When you feel lonely ..
He is with you ..
I am here daily ..
Reaching out to those who ..
Are in need of #Healing ...
It is so much more
Than Just a Feeling...
It's Time to Heal

Hebrews 12:1-2
The Race of Faith

Hebrews 12:1 Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Danny Kaye Show - The Thinker

Maybe this is why I think so much.. and rhyme... so much.. He influenced my life so much ...

When I was a child 
I was influenced by Danny Kaye's Music
I loved his rhythm and rhymes
I sang his songs all the time ..
Never thinking one day
I would be a Thinker ..
Ha .. Love LisaMe!
 My Favorite Albums
As a Child
I listened to them over and over again
And sang to my sisters and brother
Making everyone laugh
I was a very silly child


Saturday, April 28, 2018

God has a Plan .. it is Not up to Man

Jesus loves you this I know for the bible tells me so ... 
.. Peggy P ..
You are loved ..
You are in the Father's hands
You my sister .. have been on a Journey
Jesus has never failed you ..
He Always is there
Even when you can't see Him
... Amen ...
We in our lives 
We have seen 
... Him ..
Move Mountains
We will see it AGAIN 
A way where there seems to be no way
 .. Amen ..
 I am praying for you my dear sister friend 
.. God is Hope .. 
He is life to our weary souls .. 
He replenishes .. us .. when we think we can't another step .. 
He revives us .. 
He is our STRENGTH in our weakness
 .. Amen .. 
He is Faithful
 .. Amen .. 
Hang in there.
... Hang on .. 
I will never forget .. 
What God has promised me
I won't forget standing in front of your desk 
Sharing and laughing with my Peggy P.. 
As she encouraged me
 ... And What happened.. 
All because she believed in me
 .. I Became a writer ..
.. Who me ..
 Who .. What .. When .. Where
I Became .. 
.. Why ..
Because God had .. A Plan for Me
 .. All because who else could I be
 ... When Jesus Christ wants to use you
 .. He will provide a way in the wilderness
 ... And even bring a Raven to feed you if it is His will 
 ... Amen ..
 YOU just want and see... Peggy P .. 
God has plans for you and me ... 
Just you watch and SEE

Friday, April 13, 2018

15 yrs And Counting Happy Birthday .. Happy Anniversary

My greatest desire is to sing
With my husband hand and hand with my Mr. Man

We have always worshiped together 
... with a deep passion .. 
We have had our family prayer times .. and bible studies ... 
Our lives changed so much as I got sicker and sicker ... 
It feels so good to be healing
God is touching me daily
 Mr. Man has been there . 
It was hard on him at times .. to be the sole caregiver
... I am grateful .. 
many a man would have walked away
It was a spiritual .. Mr. Man that stayed
continued to work his job and take care of our home
(even if I felt it dusty; dirty  .. lol)
 He did things his way .. 
The best he could
Taking care of 2 dogs 3 cats and a sick wife
Fixed every meal .. did the dishes .. washed clothes
Every chore in the home
 .. plus managed to work overtime ... 
God has made a Roadway in the wilderness 
.. for us .. literally .. 
Mr. Man and I have found a roadway 
To that passion to worship together again 
We are finding it in our 370 Z alone just he and I 
With the tops up or down .. 
We are praying, worshiping and learning to laugh again
Thank You

Stacey Fryar for allowing  
Obedience to God to show us the way
OUT of Everything else 
Things that distract us 
.. I can truly say ..
 It is well with my soul
 God is the author and finisher of our faith
He is here with us .. when we worship and when we pray 
I can say through it all my eyes are on you .. Father God
And it is well with me .. LisaMe!
 .. I love you .. Father God .. 
For so man things ..
But Especially for sending me 
.. My Mr. Man .. 
To love the spirit of God inside of me 
.. And not outer looks .. 
He has passed the test 
We all stumble 
It is what we do
What matters most 
Is What We do when we get
Back Up
As far as the east is from the west
You lived to forgive us
How can man want to judge
 I am grateful that I know his heart 
I think I have pasted the Test
After all
We have been Washed in the Blood
That Cleansing 
Jesus Christ's
Forgiving Love
15 yrs
And Counting
Happy Birthday .. Happy Anniversary

Sing with me Mr. Man
3mths post op
We spoke it into existence
God is so Faithful

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